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Issue 70

Ted French
President and Founder,
Acclivity Healthcare

Welcome to the 70th edition of the The Acclivity Health Report!

As the holiday season approaches, I thought it would be a good time to pause and consider the many great benefits of working in the healthcare industry. Although we sometimes forget or take them for granted, there are many reasons that those of us working in healthcare, and even healthcare job seekers, should have to be thankful this holiday season. We hope our readers have a terrific November and great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Here are just a few reasons to give thanks if you work in the healthcare field...


Cost-cutting could stunt the health care jobs expansion
Healthcare and education — caring for the rapidly aging U.S. population and educating the young — will account for almost half the new employment created over the next decade.
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Why nerds and nurses are taking over the US economy
A blockbuster report from government economists forecasts the workforce of 2026 — a world of robot cashiers, well-paid math nerds, and so (so, so, so) many healthcare workers.
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Chipmaker Qualcomm bets on healthcare's wireless future
Imagine you're in a futuristic clinic, standing in front of a middle-aged man. One of his arms is outstretched while the other stays limp, giving him the effect of a zombie. His face droops on one side. When he speaks, it sounds like his mouth is full of marbles.
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The innovation healthcare really needs: Help people manage their own health
Finally, health care, which has been largely immune to the forces of disruptive innovation, is beginning to change. Seeing the potential to improve health with simple primary-care strategies, some of the biggest incumbent players are inviting new entrants focused on empowering consumers into their highly regulated ecosystems, bringing down costs.
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The telemedicine revolution: A crucial component of everyday care
Today's consumers can buy almost anything online: cars, expensive vacations, large gifts, and even houses and leases. And we trust the technology we use to do that.
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VA goes high-tech with Uber-like tracking center for veteran healthcare
The Department of Veterans Affairs has seemingly lurched in recent years from crisis to crisis, from veterans dying waiting for care in Phoenix and suffering missed diagnoses in Oklahoma to surgery failures in Memphis and Washington, D.C., to name only a few.
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Hiring for Now vs. Forever: Embrace the Differences — Part 1
Not every employee is a forever employee. Some hires are perfect for different times in the organization. The key is to hire the right employee for each business phase.

This two-part series will explain the difference between for now and forever employees and how to tailor the hiring process to capture the most appropriate candidates.

Great Tips for Writing a Winning Resume
Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes each and every day. So a standout resume is a must! Check out these 10 tips to help build a resume that will land you your dream job!

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Hiring now vs. forever: Embrace the differences – Part 1

This article was written by Catherine Iste, the CEO of Humint Advisors, and originally appeared on

Not every employee is a forever employee. Some hires are perfect for different times in the organization. The key is to hire the right employee for each business phase.

This two-part series will explain the difference between for now and forever employees and how to tailor the hiring process to capture the most appropriate candidates.

'Til Tuesday

Organizations that are just starting out, going through a growth phase or undergoing a significant shift can benefit from hiring for now employees. In such cases, these are employees that are strong in a skill set that is critical to the success of the organization in the related phase.

For example, a new company would do well to hire a motivated, aggressive salesperson who is a self-starter needing little management. A company that is downsizing, going through a merger or acquisition would truly benefit from an HR specialist who has experience with such transitions. And a fast-moving startup is a great place for an eager generalist who can wear many hats, has a great personality and is willing to do what it takes to get the business going.

Square peg, round hole

Employees who thrive in these roles are so valuable during critical times in the organization. Because of their high value, when the phase has passed, it is often difficult for the employee or the leader to recognize that their specialist skills are no longer needed. Plus, such phases can last for years, which can make it even more challenging to recognize the need to part ways.

For example, the aggressive salesperson who landed critical large accounts that built the business may be struggling with new company policies and procedures for tracking time and expenses, sales quotas or in-office time and meeting requirements. The HR person excellent at transitions may become bored because her work preparing for, managing and closing out the transition is done. And the eager generalist wearing 10 hats may now have the help she dreamed of yet she is not willing to let go of the unique and critical nature her role once had.

In such cases, it may be possible to help the key employee transition into a new type of role at the organization. Yet it will require a lot of communication about the change in the role, support and time for the development of new skills and perspective, and a clear set of goals with a timeline that must be actively managed. Not many organizations are willing or able to do this.

In addition, many organizations assume that great employees like these will figure it out on their own and transition through the phase with the organization. This assumption can set the employee and employer up for failure.

Thus, making a forever employee out of a for now employee is possible. However, it is critical to understand that this takes honesty, work and acknowledgement from both the employer and the employee. On the flip side, it is OK to acknowledge that some employees are specialists with a valuable skill set that the organization no longer needs, and it is best for everyone if there are supported and encouraged to continue to develop those skills even if it is with another organization.

In Part 2, we will review the characteristics of forever job and employee and how to hire each type.