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How to Be a Team Player - It's Not What You Think!

By Ben Newcomer, Recruiter, Acclivity Healthcare

Being a productive part of a team is key to a successful career. A key point in working well within a team is sharing. Sharing helps make your team productive. Most importantly, sharing leads to success. Think cooperative, not competitive. Employers are looking for people that can succeed and help others succeed in achieving their organization's goals. Teamwork is the proven method of achieving overall success.

Let's look at John Maxwell's 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player - Becoming the kind of person every team wants.

  1. ADAPTABLE --- If you won't change for the team, the team may change you!
  2. COLLABORATIVE --- Working together precedes winning together
  3. COMMITTED --- There are no halfhearted champions
  4. COMMUNICATIVE --- A team is many voices with a single heart
  5. COMPETENT --- If you can't, your team won't!
  6. DEPENDABLE --- Teams go to "go-to" players
  7. DISCIPLINED --- Where there's a will, there's a way!
  8. ENLARGING --- Adding value to teammates is invaluable
  9. ENTHUSIASTIC --- Your heart is the source of energy
  10. INTENTIONAL --- Make every action count
  11. MISSION CONSCIOUS-- The BIG picture is coming in loud and clear
  12. PREPARED -- Not just for boy scouts anymore!
  13. RELATIONAL --- If you get along, others will go along!
  14. SELF-IMPROVING --- To improve the team, improve yourself
  15. SELFLESS --- There is NO one in team
  16. SOLUTION ORIENTED --- Make a resolution to find a solution!
  17. TENACIOUS --- Never, never, never quit!