While applying for the job of a medical recruiter, you will have to face all sorts of questions from the interviewer. Here are some important questions you need to be prepared for so you don’t get caught unawares:
1. Why Do You Want to Become a Recruiter?
Companies want to know you feel passion for the job. You need to have a good response ready that doesn’t seem memorized from a book. Mention some personal anecdotes from your life that led you to want the job, and how your studies helped increase your interest in this field of work.
2. What’s Your Biggest Weakness?
This is a tricky question that needs a careful response. You don’t want to seem overconfident by declaring you have no weaknesses, but neither do you want to appear incompetent by discussing a weakness in unnecessary detail. Pick a small personal flaw, describe briefly how it affects your work, and then be sure to mention what you’re doing to correct the flaw.
3. What Can You Add to the Company?
You need to be able to convey to the interviewer that you can add value to the company. Make sure to read up a bit on the company’s history. Mention your strengths, such as your education, skills, prior experience, and how they can be of use to the company.
4. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?
Don’t ask about salary, perks etc., but instead ask more questions about the company so that it becomes clear that you are genuinely interested in working with them and don’t merely see them as a way to get a paycheck.
Finally, try to relax. Consider your interviewers colleagues even before you get a job offer to help dispel nervousness while maintaining professionalism.