Recruiting top employees used to require sending recruiters to college campuses, job fairs and other destinations in order to accept resumes and pitch the company. Now, much like marketing since the creation of the Internet, modern technology allows for more inbound recruitment, where interested professionals find the job opening information and reach out to the company, instead of the other way around. Here are just a few of the ways technology has drastically changed how recruitment is carried out.
Identifying Keywords
Every company lists certain skill sets or past experience as desired qualities in a new employee. Up until recently, a recruiter had to review resumes and applications in order to locate this information, which proved time consuming. With scanning software, it is possible to instantly identify applications and resumes for desired keywords and phrases. This makes narrowing down the applicant pool much easier.
Larger Recruiting Team
With online posting services, it is possible to post a single job to dozens of the top job listing websites instantly. Creating a listing boosts the company’s recruitment potential without increasing the budget for recruitment.
Faster Results
Technology allows interested candidates to send their resume instantly, which enables companies to process applicants and fill positions faster. Overall, with recruitment technology there is less downtime and waiting.