Whether you’re a newbie wishing to break into healthcare or a seasoned professional looking for a new position, working with healthcare recruiters increases your chances of landing your dream job. You can search by yourself for openings online, but recruiters have access to prime positions that aren’t advertised. What you know is important, but who you know still plays a big part in the job hunt.
Nevertheless, working with recruiters is effective only when you’ve considered the following:
Your goal
Entry-level jobs don’t usually warrant the help of recruiters. However, managerial or technical jobs usually do, especially if you lack experience yet have the necessary credentials.
Your expectations
Recruiters won’t know what jobs to match you with if you’re not open with them. From the start, tell them what you want in terms of salary, benefits, company culture and career path.
Their specialization
If you’re looking for a job in pharmaceutical sales, it doesn’t make sense to work with recruiters whose networks are in medical technology. Choose recruiters who can connect you with companies, organizations and institutions looking for people with your expertise.
Their priorities
Some recruiters are in it just for the money, but some are also driven by the desire to match candidates with the right job. You’ll know you’ve found a good one if they care about getting to know your professional strengths instead of referring you to jobs that don’t fit your skills. If things aren’t working out well with a healthcare recruiter, you can always look for a replacement until you find the one who’s best for you.