Healthcare is Heating Up

Healthcare is Heating Up

Dear Readers,

Those of us in Arizona know that summer is coming fast because we can feel the temperature rising by the day. No matter where you live though, you can probably feel the heat rising within the healthcare industry! As a matter of fact, the healthcare sector continues to lead other areas of the economy and added 45,000 jobs last month, which is over 20% of the total increase in employment nationwide during April!

It’s a good time to be in healthcare. Bring on the heat!

Welcome to the 41st issue of The Acclivity Health Report, which now helps to keep over 150,000 healthcare professionals across the country up-to-date with industry news and trends, hot jobs, and articles including useful tips.

Within the Ask the Experts section of this May 2015 edition, we have included a few different articles with advice from industry experts. The first article, Do’s and Don’ts – Job Searching While Employed, is aimed at passive job seekers (those who are currently employed). It explains how and why preparation is key, whether you are happy with your job or not, and gives tips on how to explore opportunities in the market while avoiding possibly negative repercussions. The second article, Avoid These 5 Job Interview No-No’s, lays out 5 common traps people fall into that are particularly harmful to the outcome of interviews. While it’s tailored for hiring managers, this is a great article for job seekers to read as well.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the The Acclivity Health Report, and wish you the best in your professional journey. Our mission is to help top healthcare professionals and leading organizations be more successful, and do so by bringing standout employees together with successful, established and rapidly growing healthcare employers.

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Ted French
President & Founder
Acclivity Healthcare