How to Keep Your Job Search Organized

How to Keep Your Job Search Organized

by Chris Waters, Research Manager, Acclivity Healthcare

If you’re about to embark on your first job search in a while, you may be confused about how to best to approach it. Even though there are plenty of resources available, the process can be overwhelming. Even the most experienced job seekers get bogged down in mountains of information. The key to managing a successful job hunt is to stay organized.

Before you start hunting, figure out how much information you need to keep and what you should discard. Then choose a tracking method that works best for you.

What Should I Track?

Some of the data you’ll want to record are employer names and locations, job titles and descriptions, and your thoughts about the job. Note where and how you submitted your resume, by paper, email or through an applicant tracking system, and note any feedback you receive.

Keep a list of networking contacts, document your interview appointments, and keep track of correspondence. Keeping up with the process can be draining, but it’s important.

Electronic or Paper?

A job seeker that’s tech savvy may find it a breeze to stay on top of the job market. No matter which device you use, smart phone, pad, or tablet, there are apps that manage daily activity. It’s easy to keep tabs on your activity at the touch of a screen.

If you prefer paper, a trusty spreadsheet with columns listing potential employers, job titles, the date of application, and follow-up activity notes, helps keep you up-to-date on your job-hunting activities.

Whether manual or electronic, a spreadsheet is one of the most useful applications for tracking personal data. Google Docs, Excel, or good old-fashioned accounting pads are all acceptable tracking tools.

Other tracking methods include cloud apps like that does everything a spreadsheet does. It helps you stay organized, and you won’t need to pluck your smart phone from your pocket during work hours or stop to make notes on a spreadsheet.

However, it takes up time, a precious resource that experienced job seekers don’t have, especially if currently employed. Time or not, experienced job seekers understand that staying organized helps get good results.

Let a Recruiter Keep your Job Search Organized

A viable option for job seekers is to use the services of a recruiter. When a candidate has no time to manage a search, or doesn’t know exactly where to begin, turning to a recruiter can make the difference between finding no job at all, a job that’s just okay, or finding the job of your dreams! A recruiter can help you put things in order from the beginning or pull it all back together for you down the line.

Your experience level and employment background determine which type of agency you should contact. Every industry has agency recruiters who service a wide variety of employers and careers. They are equipped with the latest technology and have good insight into the current job market.

Wherever you are in your job search, a recruiter can help you stay well-organized and may be able to help you find a new job faster, and with a few less hassles.