The First Job of a Recruiter Is Filling the Company with Great People

The First Job of a Recruiter Is Filling the Company with Great People

by Vanessa Noble, Lead Research Recruiter, Acclivity Healthcare

At any given time, a recruiter is tasked with accomplishing a great many things. They often need to be able to see the “bigger picture” – recognizing what the company needs so that they can better help it accomplish its own long-term goals. In healthcare, they need to find qualified people to provide life-saving care to patients on a regular basis. They also need to be highly analytical, going beyond the words on a resume to find the true strengths and experience of a candidate sitting in front of them.
But as necessary as these things are, they’re not the most important (or even the first) role that a recruiter plays.

More than anything else, a recruiter’s number one job is and will always be filling the company in question with the best people they can find. Not even necessarily the best employees, but the best people. How good they are at this job in particular will affect the entire organization from the top down.

The Importance of Company Culture

Many people are under the mistaken impression that the best employees are the ones who are the most talented or who work the hardest. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true. In healthcare, a great candidate isn’t the one with the most impressive resume – though this isn’t to say that experience isn’t important. Happiness plays an important role in someone’s performance and the single biggest contributing factor to that particular area is company culture.

Simply put: if your employees find themselves surrounded by people that they wish they weren’t spending their entire day with, their mood is going to be affected as a result. One recent study found that emotionally satisfied and happy employees were as much as 12% more productive than ones who didn’t like their jobs – which the study revealed translates to over $300 billion that unhappy employees wind up costing businesses in the United States each year.

The Benefits of Finding the Best People in Healthcare

In turn, finding the best people for a particular role is one of the best ways that a recruiter contributes to a company’s larger culture in a meaningful way. Studies have shown that a positive company culture almost instantly translates to happy employees, and happy employees give way to benefits like increased productivity and more. A study that was recently conducted by Columbia University, for example, revealed that organizations with highly rated company cultures had a job turnover rate of as little as 14% – whereas companies with a poor culture had turnover rates as high as 48%.

Finding great people to work in a company only serves to create a solid foundation where everyone can collectively thrive. As the old saying tells us, one bad apple spoils the bunch – luckily, the reverse is also true. Finding yourself surrounded by great people from an employee’s perspective helps you feel more appreciated. It helps you take pride in your work and want to work harder. It helps support the creative side of your brain, which creates an army of like-minded individuals who don’t just think outside the box – they live there.

However, the biggest benefit of all (and why finding great people will always be the top priority of any job recruiter) is that great people know how to work together. They know that a business is more than just the sum of its parts – it’s a living, breathing entity. They know how to play off the strengths of one another and support each other, helping to make sure that they’re all contributing not to their own egos or career aspirations but to the long-term goals of the organization they work for. They don’t just know how to provide quality healthcare and related services to patients themselves, but they know what they need to do to play a role in helping others offer that same level of care, too. THIS is why filling the company with great people is so important and is why talented job recruiters are and will always be one of the most important positions in any business, regardless of which industry you’re talking about.