The Top 10 Traits of an Indispensable Employee

The Top 10 Traits of an Indispensable Employee
The next time you’re sitting across from a potential hire, think through this list of traits that top executives look for in high performing staff!

1. Accountability

  • Do what you say you’ll do – every time
  • Own the problem and the solution
  • Hold direct reports accountable for performance

2. Attitude

  • Bring energy, enthusiasm and excitement to the project as well as to the team
  • Can do attitude – do whatever it takes to get the job done
  • Visionary
  • Gets along well with others – good organizational fit
  • Enjoys their work
  • Strives for excellence

3. Leadership

  • Can lead a team to success
  • Shows initiative
  • Is proactive not reactive
  • Retains the right people for the right positions
  • Knows how to get the best out of the team
  • Ability to lead others by creating trust and credibility
  • Doesn’t wait. Seizes opportunities.

4. Communication

  • Excellent oral and written skills
  • Excellent listener – talking is just half of the process
  • Open-minded to new ideas
  • Can effectively communicate in a way that inspires and motivates
  • Keeps others informed

5. Team Player

  • Collaborative by nature, humble by example
  • Shares knowledge with others to help them achieve goals
  • Will do whatever needs to be done, whenever you need to do it
  • Good organizational fit

6. Expertise

  • They have the knowledge and skill to do their job
  • They understand the job and the process to succeed
  • Breadth of knowledge. Broad skills rather than specific expertise – “I look for ‘middle infielders’…people who can do more than one thing.”
  • Critical thinker – “someone who doesn’t simply enter a number, but questions what the right number is”

7. Ethics

  • Honest
  • Comes to you with problems – “Never hide an elephant”
  • Does the right thing
  • Treats others with respect

8. Loyalty

  • Offer more than just a job
  • Fair pay
  • Invest in training and development
  • Share your vision
  • Empowerment
  • Find common ground
  • Get to know your employees
  • Recognize and reward often

9. Professionalism

  • Focused
  • Accountable
  • Competent
  • Motivation
  • Respectful

10, Adaptability

  • Everything changes
  • Flexibility