Having a greet career in the health care industry does not necessarily require a degree. These entry level positions in health care break you into the field and offer great job security. You may receive on-the-job training or educational support from some employers. Here 7 jobs in the health care sector that often require no degree:

Medical Biller

Medical billers handle the billing for medical care teams. They take payments from patients, work with insurers and update records.

Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries assist with medical office administrative tasks. They often schedule appointments, train support staff, order supplies, prepare correspondence, and assist physicians with other administrative tasks.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants often perform office tasks within medical practices. They also aid in medical care of patients by taking vital signs, gathering patient medical history and, occasionally, helping doctors or mid-levels with minor procedures.

Home Care Aide

Home health care aides provide care for elderly patients in their homes. They help with meals, medication, monitor nutrition, and more . They also provide support and advice to the family members caring for elderly patients.

Patient Care Attendant

Patient care attendants assist with routine tasks under the supervision of a nurse or other medical staff. They typically transport patients, maintain patients’ rooms, and manage supplies.

PT Aide/Occupational Therapist Aide

Occupational Therapist Aides work with and under the supervision of occupational therapists. They typically prep patients for treatment, manage equipment and handle administrative tasks.

Psychiatric Aide

Psychiatric aides typical work in psychiatric hospitals or wards. They assist patients with hygiene and nutrition needs and will sometimes lead recreational activities.