The health care field has a high demand for workers, which is expected to continue to grow in years to come. The 10 highest paying jobs in the United States all fall within the health care industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the top 5 highest paying health care jobs, based on the median annual salary:


Annual mean wage: $269,600. This medical school track appeals to those who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment in a variety of clinical settings. Anesthesiologists and anesthesiology assistants prepare, treat, and monitor patients to provide safe pain relief.


With an annual mean wage of $252,910, surgeon positions are expected to grow over the next several years. Working with patients and families, operating on patients, and keeping up with the latest technologies and procedures demands dedication and years of study followed by a long residency.


These physicians earn a median annual salary of $234,310. Obstetricians treat pregnant patients, including during labor and delivery, while gynecology encompasses all aspects of female reproductive health, including oncology. Most physicians in this field practice both areas, though some specialize in one or the other.


Dentistry is not to be overlooked when considering a medical career. Orthodontists make a median wage of $228,780 annually. After dentistry school, orthodontists complete a 2-3 year postgraduate program.


This is a broad category, with annual salaries ranging from $210,170 for Physicians and Surgeons and $184,240 for Pediatricians. Psychiatrists, internists, and family practitioners fall within this range. Physicians require a high level of education with an advanced degree, licensing, practice in the field and specialized training.

It’s important to remember that salaries are significantly lower while you’re completing your residency program. This should not deter dedicated individuals from pursuing careers in medicine if they have the passion and resources to do so. Need help launching your career? Reach out to Acclivity today.