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Welcome to the 68th edition of The Acclivity Health Report! All of us at Acclivity Healthcare send our thoughts and prayers to the millions of fellow Americans who were recently affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We are hoping for a smooth and speedy recovery for everyone impacted by these deadly storms.

The fall season has arrived, and the healthcare industry continues its rapid pace of change. Check out the news section to catch up on the latest industry trends and stay up-to-date on the most recent economic and job reports. Healthcare remains one of the country’s hottest sectors, and all of us in the industry know how important it is to stay up-to-date with the latest issues.

Job seekers and hiring managers should be sure to check out our Ask the Experts section. For job seekers, we explore some of the best ways to create the best impression in the interview process in our article, Don’t Forget Your Job Interview Toolkit. For Hiring Managers, our article Should Your Hiring Process Include an Aptitude Test will shed light on some of the best practices related to using these assessments as a selection tool.

We hope you enjoy this issue and, of course, wish you continued success in your career! We rely on reader input to make sure we deliver exactly what you want and need, so please leave feedback and ideas for future issues here.

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