Healthcare support workers have an important role in patient care. Without healthcare support workers, healthcare providers would not be able to provide patients with the highest quality of care. 

A healthcare support worker typically assists nurses, physicians, surgeons or other healthcare providers. Healthcare support workers can work in hospitals, clinics or other healthcare facilities. Healthcare support workers can perform a number of tasks in healthcare, but most often a healthcare support worker will be responsible for:

  • Prep work. A healthcare support worker will help to prep exam rooms. They will make beds, make sure supplies are adequately stocked, and prepare the patient care area by setting up equipment and supplies.
  • Basic patient care. Healthcare support workers will verify that patients are receiving medication, help patients order from menus based on their nutritional needs, and ensure patients are moving as needed. They also guide patients to different areas of a healthcare facility.
  • Patient data collection. Healthcare support workers will collect patient data for healthcare providers. This includes tracking vital signs, taking samples, making sure patient information is recorded correctly, and overall monitoring of a patient’s condition.
  • Education and Promotion. A healthcare support worker can also provide information to patients, patients’ families, or caregivers. They can direct patients to educational resources on health and health conditions, lead educational sessions like classes and workshops, and promote health and wellness to patients and the community.

The demand for healthcare support workers is incredibly high and is anticipated to grow in years to come. In many geographic areas, healthcare support workers have a high level of employment. In fact, the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale area of Arizona makes the list of metropolitan areas with the highest level of employment for this occupation.

This role provides a high level of job security and is a great place to start a healthcare career. To find a job in healthcare support, contact us today.