Despite the fact that automation has impacted the insurance industry, employment in the insurance industry is projected to continue growing.

Advanced software and technology has made claims processing more efficient and easier to perform. That doesn’t mean automation has replaced the need for humans.

There are still many jobs that will require human capabilities, and the sheer amount of jobs available due to wider coverage demands manpower.

Insurance Sales Agent

While automated marketing software may increase the efficiency and closing rate for sales agents, at the end of the day the sale was made based on human interaction and communication.

Customer Service Representatives

Many companies have automated customer service programs, but there are always people involved to help customers. Customer service is one area that will always require people who can interact, empathize and communicate while problem solving for their customers.

Insurance claims and policy processing clerks

Insurance claims can get tricky, and need an advanced skill set to process sometimes. Automation can certainly increase the number of claims processed, but agents need to identify and follow up with issues.

Claims Adjusters, Examiners and Investigators

There is just no possible way to completely automate the inspection part of a claims adjuster, examiner or investigator’s job. This position will always require a person.


Software can take care of tedious analytical tasks, but humans still need to interpret the data and check for errors.

While many jobs may have some function that could be automated or made more efficient with technology, the role of automation is to make human jobs easier, not obsolete. If you are ready to start an exciting career in health insurance, contact Acclivity today.