Recruiters search LinkedIn profiles for job candidates. How do you make a good social media profile for hiring managers and recruiters? Use these tips to attract attention with your LinkedIn profile.

How Do Recruiters Find Job Seekers On LinkedIn?

Recruiters look at:

  • Groups and discussions. Join professional groups and groups created by recruiters for job seekers. If you have something valuable to contribute to discussions, do so.
  • Search results. Use two key strategies to show up in LinkedIn search results.

First, have a big network, and add recruiters to it even when you’re not currently seeking a job. At physical networking events, when you’re handing out copies of your resume, ask recruiters if you can connect with them on LinkedIn. Some professional recruiters pay for unlimited LinkedIn search results, but others rely on the default, free service, which only shows profiles of people within three degrees of separation (e.g. a connection of a connection of a connection). Joining groups will also increase your chances of appearing in free search results.

Second, choose keywords and phrases carefully. List your specific skills, including certifications, experiences, and positions you’ve held. If there is more than one way to describe your profession, use all relevant terms naturally in context (for example, use both registered nurse and RNA in your profile). Use long tail keywords too (such as RNA specializing in geriatric care).

  • Your profile. Once they find your profile, you’ll want them to use it to contact you. So, make sure they can! List your professional contact information clearly and be open to connection requests. Get a professional headshot or a picture that represents your professional side so they can attach a face to the name.
  • Professionalism. This is obvious to a social media savvy generation: keep a professional image on LinkedIn. Stick to career or industry-related posts. Unless you’re looking for a career in subversive art and media, err on the side of being straight-laced.

Find Healthcare Professionals On LinkedIn

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