The insurance industry is set to see continued growth. The latest U.S. jobs report indicates that the insurance industry saw nearly 10,000 jobs added this year. Currently, the insurance industry employs almost 3 million people. Data also indicates that this is one of the highest levels of growth recorded since 2009.

The growth can be attributed to many factors. Many employees in the insurance industry are nearing retirement age, so employers are hiring to replace a retiring workforce.

Thanks to the positive career outlook, younger generations are stepping up to fill insurance jobs. Insurance Journal’s 2016 Young Agents Survey found that 60% of the respondents felt high levels of optimism in regards to their careers and the industry. Many younger agents are motivated by opportunities for career advancement.

For health insurance companies in particular, agents are needed to address the increased level of people who are covered in the United States. Regardless of how health care reform advances, American constituents seem largely unwilling to support policies that take coverage away from people. It’s reasonable to believe that health insurance companies will be kept busy for the foreseeable future.

About two-thirds of insurance companies intend to hire personnel in 2017. Contact Acclivity to find out more about starting your career in the health insurance sector.