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How are you doing so far with your New Year’s resolutions? Have you taken the first steps toward your goals for 2018? At Acclivity, we have been working closely with our staff over the recent weeks to identify their professional goals for the year ahead. We have tried to first determine and then document what we are each working towards specifically – and why, so that we can work together as a team to create and execute a plan to accomplish it.

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Top 10 Cities for Healthcare Jobs in 2018

Executives know the importance of landing the best talent to help navigate the unpredictable waters of healthcare. Understanding where top talent is looking for jobs in healthcare can be the first step.

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Health Care Professionals Share Their Stories About Opioid-Addicted Patients

Doctors and patients are supposed to share a therapeutic alliance. This agreement hinges on trust and respect. But what happens when that trust breaks down because of addiction?

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Healthcare industry to gain 4 million jobs by 2026

A recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the healthcare industry will expand dramatically in the next decade.

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Amazon and Telenursing – a Match Made in Healthcare Heaven?

For a brief moment of time, Amazon released a job posting for a “new initiative,” looking for a “HIPAA Compliance Lead” – someone to create, organize, and head a compliance program for the company.

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How bad is Amazon’s bite? These pharma and healthcare companies are about to find out

Amazon is not a health care company. It does not treat patients, sell insurance, or make prescription drugs. And although it has revolutionized modern commerce, it has not discovered a cure for cancer.

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Survey: 44% of healthcare execs have not adopted telemedicine

A new survey from Sage Growth Partners, a healthcare research firm, found 44 percent of healthcare executives have not yet adopted telemedicine at their organization.

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How to Be a Team Player – It’s Not What You Think!

Being a productive part of a team is key to a successful career. A key point in working well within a team is sharing. Sharing helps make your team productive. Most importantly, sharing leads to success. Think cooperative, not competitive. Employers are looking for people that can succeed and help others succeed in achieving their organization’s goals. Teamwork is the proven method of achieving overall success.

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Effective Goal Setting

Every successful professional in the business world is a goal setter – and achiever! Effectively setting goals can provide a source of motivation for individuals in search of a career and those wanting to advance within their career.

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