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Issue 76

Ted French
President and Founder,
Acclivity Healthcare

Dear Friends,

The constant hum of the air conditioners reminds me that summer has officially arrived! Here in Arizona, we have already hit triple digit temperatures and even though we enjoy a “dry” heat, the toasty 110 degrees we climbed to last week was a HOT heat nonetheless! This annual shift to hotter weather…

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Healthcare job growth continues; hospitals add 6.2K jobs in May

Healthcare added 28,000 jobs in May, with hospitals contributing 6,200 to that total, according to the latest job report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This compares to the 24,400 jobs the industry added in April.

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Investing in diverse talent gives healthcare employers and advantage

Identifying, developing and retaining top talent is a critical function for any business that relies on its human capital to interface with customers and drive revenue. These factors are especially impactful in the healthcare industry, which in 2018 reportedly became the United States’ largest employer.

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Next-gen analytics: Here’s what’s coming in the future

As healthcare technology continues to grow and mature, here’s the pressing question for healthcare and IT leaders: How will analytics tools evolve — and what should they expect to come next?

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Catching up with recent moves in EHR, interoperability initiatives

May might be the month for flowers, but hospitals and other healthcare organizations have hardly slowed down to smell them if EHR implementation and interoperability work are any indication.

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Healthcare industry uses microtargeting online technology to reach patients, customers

Hospitals, health insurers and other medical providers are moving millions of advertising and marketing dollars into getting more personal with patients.

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6 ways hospitals can improve the workplace for female physicians

With a looming physician shortage and a rising number of women entering medical school, hospitals will need to plan ways to recruit, hire and engage new physicians — particularly women, according to a report from Jordan Search Consultants.

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Hiring the Right Culture Match

You understand the importance of hiring the right candidate. You not only fill a vacant position but also mitigate the chances you’ll need to repeat the process again when a mis-hire doesn’t work out. Better yet, the right cultural fit can increase the productivity and morale of your current staff. Identifying the right cultural git is not a one-size-fits-all approach; the right cultural fit for your organization may have different qualities than someone who is a great match for a different organization.

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How to Effectively Present Your Accomplishment in an Interview

Usually, going through the job interview process is a pressure-packed, stress-inducing and incredibly taxing experience. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Having a plan and spending ample time preparing beforehand can greatly reduce your anxiety at the most crucial time — during the actual interview.

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