Hello and welcome to the August 2018 edition of The Acclivity Health Report! I am one of those lucky people who found their ideal career match early in life. I love my job, I always have, and I know just how rare this is for most people. For more than 26 years, I’ve helped others find the job of their dreams and it’s been a great career choice for me. One of the most commonly asked questions I get from people is how they can find their dream job. Here are a few tips that I hope will help you on your journey!

  1. Establish Your Dream – What is it that you really want to do? What are the areas you excel in? What brings you joy? For some of us, we know exactly what we what to do when we’re young. For others, it may take a while. Still others try out a career or two, then move on to do something completely different. You may want to consider a short-term work experience, an internship or even a volunteer position as ways to try out different careers and test the waters with jobs that interest you.
  2. Make a Plan – Once you decide what you what to do, it’s time to create a plan that helps you get there. This will be your road map to your new career. Find out what you need to move toward your goal. Do some research about the position as well as the field to determine if you have the education, knowledge, training and experience needed for employment. If not, map out a plan to gain the skills and get the education you need. It might not require you leaving your full-time job just yet – perhaps you could volunteer in the field during your non-work hours or begin taking classes at night or on weekends. There are many on-line courses that might work well for your schedule.
  3. Talk to People Who are Already There – Use social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find and connect with people who already have your dream job, or who are working in your dream field. Ask if you can contact them offline to learn how they landed their job and what they would recommend you do to achieve your goal.
  4. Make the Commitment – To really land the ideal job you have to be willing to stop dreaming and actually take the leap. Talk with your spouse or family about your desire and what it’s going to take from all of you to make that that change. Will it require a physical move? Will it require lowering your standard of living and what would that look like? Get realistic and specific and ensure everyone’s on board with the plan. You will stand a much better chance of not only landing your dream job, but also making sure that your job switch doesn’t create issues at home.
  5. Find the Right Company for You – Now that you know what you want to do and you have the education and/or experience you need to get that job, it’s time to do your research. Where is your job available? What are the main companies that offer your position? Not all companies are alike. A good career counselor can help you with this step. They can share not only the companies and their missions, but the specific jobs that are available for you. Many offer services to job seekers at no cost. You can also network with people in your chosen industry. Making important connections in your field can put you in the position to hear about openings first.

The Bottom Line:
Taking a leap outside your comfort zone isn’t easy for most people. But the rewards that come with finding and doing a job you love can be worth it in the long run. I wish you all the best career success!