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Issue 78

Ted French
President and Founder,
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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the brand new Acclivity Health Report! We’ve got some exciting things planned for the next few months, and we can’t wait to share them with you. (Hint: Keep an eye on our website).

As we turn the corner to October and the beginning of Fall, we also reach the start of the fourth quarter. With 3 months left of 2018, many of us find ourselves looking back at those professional goals we set what seems like a lifetime ago…


Look Before You Leap: Top 5 Criteria to Assess in a New Employment Opportunity

No matter what industry you’re in, job hunting is exhausting. Depending on the marketing, there can be times where you’ll send out dozens of resumes and never hear back from any the organizations.


How to Bring in the Best from Each Generation

Marketing professionals have long touted the advantage of appealing to the different generations. In fact, the marketing industry is largely responsible for coining the generational names and identifying their distinct characteristics.


September Jobs: Update Your Resume and Ask For That Raise


Healthcare employment rose by 26,000 in September. According to Glassdoor, lower wage roles in this industry, like pharamcy technicians and emergency medical technicians, have seen pay increases as much as twice the national average.


Report: Growing, Aging Population Straining Primary Care

Healthcare Dive

Primary care is the bedrock of the healthcare system, yet 13% of Americans reside in the country with a primary care physician shortage, UnitedHealth Group Reports.


Hospital Jobs Following Patients to Ambulatory Settings

Modern Healthcare

Monthly U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports from the beginning of the year show hiring in the ambulatory sector has far outpaced hospital hiring at least since the beginning of 2018.


Are Universal EHRs Key to Healthcare Value, Trust, and AI Adoption?

Health IT Analytics

Countries with universal electronic health records appear to be further along the maturity curves of consumer trust, data integration, and even AI adoption.


C-Suite Candidates: Hiring Advice from a Top Executive Recruiter

Healthcare IT News

The gender equity problem is significant in health IT, with more than half of women in the industry saying that it will take 25 years or more to achieve gender parity, according to a recent Rock Health report.


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Certified Medical Assistant

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