Are you currently looking for a new job in the healthcare field? Maybe you’re employed but you’re interested in finding a better position, or you aren’t completely happy with your employer. Whatever scenario, there’s some great news for applicants in the healthcare industry – right now it’s a job seeker’s market.

Recently the industry has seen a higher than average turnover in employees. There are also more positions than qualified applicants. So, if you’re looking for the perfect opportunity in healthcare, now’s a great time for you to nail down that dream job.

The fact that it’s a job seeker’s market doesn’t mean that your ideal job is a slam dunk. However, it does mean that if you use best practices in your job search, research, resume and interview, you’ll be miles ahead of a lot of the competition for the same position.

7 Tips to Securing Your Dream Job

  1. Start with the Old Adage, “Know Thyself”. This might sound trite, but it’s absolutely true – knowing what you want and what fits your personality is the key to happiness in any relationship, and that includes your professional environment. Before your approach your job search with earnest, take some time to study yourself. Be honest about the type of job you want and how qualified you are for the position. It’s not just about securing the best title or pay grade, it’s about the type of satisfaction you’ll have in your profession. If you’re interested in a position that you know you’re not entirely qualified for, be honest with yourself and the employer if you apply. In some cases, there will be room for cross training to reach the desired position. Or you may consider increasing your knowledge and credentials in an area to grow into your desired role.
  2. Research the Organization Thoroughly. You don’t just want to find a job. You want to find the right place to work. Before applying, make sure you research as much as you can about the organization. This will help you form a preliminary opinion about the work environment. It will also prepare you to write a killer cover letter and tailor your application directly to them.
  3. Research Personnel Before the Interview. You’ve gotten the coveted interview. Congratulations! Before you go in, take some time to research the hiring manager and brush up on the organization again. If you want to give them the best opportunity to picture you in the position, it’s great if you demonstrate that you know a bit about them and are interested in what they do – beyond just wanting to secure a paycheck.
  4. Ask About Important Aspects of the Environment. The decision to hire a new staff member is integral to the overall health of the organization. But the decision to take a position is equally important for you, the applicant. If you’re considering a position with a company, it’s a good idea to get a vivid picture of the different aspects of the company, environment, and your possible work day. This might include finding out about how well the staff works together, whether there is a good social bond among coworkers, and more practical concerns such as policies regarding sick time and benefits.
  5. Ask About Training Opportunities. See if the organization offers training opportunities to help keep you current in your field. It’s always ideal to choose a company that will help you strive to improve your skills while meeting their needs.
  6. Talk to Current Staff Members. Getting the opportunity to talk with other employees can give you a more personal look at what it’s like to work in the organization.
  7. Make Sure You Follow Up. A great practice for any job search is to follow up with a quick thank you note or email after an interview. This is especially important if you’re interested in the position, but it’s a good courtesy, either way.

Healthcare is brimming with opportunities right now and the outlook is bright for job seekers for the next few years. Finding your perfect job is within your reach.