The healthcare industry is booming for job hunters. According to the latest predictions, job seekers can look forward to innovative benefit packages and organizations that are increasing their efforts to make sure that employees are happy in their facilities.

This is all good news for those entering the healthcare field and those who’ve been on their career trajectory for a number of years. However, that doesn’t mean that you can sleep through the job hunt process. Now you have the luxury of really pinpointing the position that you want, rather than accepting any job offer for the security it brings.

The following checklist can help you prioritize your job hunting tasks and build the strategy to secure the best position for your long term future.

Your Checklist

As many job hunters will tell you, looking for the right position takes as much effort as working full time. For those in the healthcare field, now is a great time to find a position in a good organization where you can thrive. Because it’s a market where there are more open positions that job seekers, you have the luxury of really prioritizing what you want in a position and organization.

If you’re ready to start your search for the ideal healthcare job, here’s a handy checklist to help you organize the hunt:

  • Assess your skill set. The first step in your job search is assess your skill set, where you are currently in your career and where you want to go. Your career isn’t stagnant. Or, it shouldn’t be. If you’re currently in the healthcare field but would like to move to a different specialty, consider what you would need to do to prepare for your ideal position. If you’d like to stick with the same area of expertise but would like a bump in pay or a different type of organization weigh what would make you happy in your future position. Your wish list might include personal items, like flexible scheduling or a specific location.
  • Research the Market. Scour the industry publications, talk with friends, and look over current job listings on our site. This will give you a good idea of the types of positions that are open and what their pay and benefit packages look like, in general. Open your search up, too. You might include different related fields or other types of facilities, just to see what’s out there. You might find that the perfect job opening is something you would have overlooked without a broader search.
  • Study Your Resume. This may seem obvious, it’s your resume. You know what your qualifications are. The truth is that it’s often difficult to remember all the things on your own resume. Look through it and make sure that you’re prepared for the most common questions a hiring manager might ask based on the information you’ve given them.
  • Tailor Each Cover Letter. Don’t just send out a landslide of generic applications. This is an employee’s market. You should be able to pick out the most appealing positions and apply to those. You also have the opportunity to really nail your cover letter and interview by researching the organization and position thoroughly. You want to be able to showcase how your skills will fit into their organization. At the same time, you’ll be able to really assess how happy you’ll be working for that facility.
  • Consider Working with a Service. As a staffing organization that specializes in the healthcare industry, we have access to job opportunities that you can’t find publicly posted. We are able to help match you to organizations to help increase your success rate and help you find the ideal position for you.

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