If you’re job searching right now, you may be wondering what affect the pandemic will have on hiring and interviewing while hiring managers are out of the office. Here are a few strategies you can use to keep up your job hunt over the next few months:

Ask about alternatives to face-to-face interviews. Some companies have already started utilizing phone and video interviews to continue their hiring processes. If you’re interested in tips for video interviews during this time, follow this LinkedIn thread.

Pro-tip: DO NOT wait until five minutes before the interview to try downloading or watching a tutorial for a platform you’ve never used before. You should familiarize yourself and test the software and hardware that you will be using for the interview well before the interview time. Try to do it the day before if possible.

Keep applying. During this uncertain economic time, companies are constantly re-evaluating their hiring processes and the roles they need to hire for.

Describe your remote work setup and how you structure your day to maximize productivity. Show how you can jump into a remote role with ease.

Be patient and follow-up. Not all companies have established a clear game plan for managing processes in light of all the recent changes.

Take care of yourself. It can be hard to remember to take time for yourself during a job search, especially when you don’t have the option of leaving the house. Be sure to schedule time for exercise, cooking, meditating, reading, or anything else that helps you feel relaxed.

We are here for you! The career consultants at Acclivity Healthcare are available to support you throughout your job search.