For those seeking a job, social media may seem like the last thing to show employers. Many fear that their Facebook and Twitter accounts contain compromising information and thus hide them from future bosses. While you should be wary of sharing private data, social media has the potential to create a positive, enduring impression for prospective employers. The following strategies will help you take advantage of your channels, getting your foot in the door for your dream job:

Facebook Features

One of the simplest ways to find employment on social media is through Facebook’s new jobs feature. This application connects employers and employees on a platform that both use heavily. Employers begin by posting job opening notices on the forum, complete with all necessary information about those jobs. Facebook users can apply to those notices directly from their accounts. The interface will obtain data on your work history, educational background, location, and contact information directly from your profile. This speeds up the application process while showing you jobs you otherwise wouldn’t have heard about.

Twitter Tactics

As one of the Internet’s most public forum, Twitter lets you attract the attention of employers without directly applying for a job. To market yourself on this channel, begin by following the accounts of firms you’d like to work for, as well as relevant industry groups and publications. Read the tweets on these accounts regularly, look at articles and videos that they publish, and get a sense of the discussions that followers have. Once you have a detailed knowledge of the main issues addressed on these accounts, begin replying to their tweets and re-tweeting them. In this way, you can establish yourself as knowledgeable, engaged, and a source of good ideas.

Leveraging LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is designed specifically for job searches, many users do not take full advantage of its potential for impressing employers. In particular, LinkedIn members often neglect to seek skills recommendations, missing a chance to call attention to what they can do. Whenever you connect with someone on LinkedIn, go to their page and recommend them for skills you know they have. Your connections will be grateful for this, and will likely return the favor by recommending you.

While looking for jobs on social media can help you get your foot in the door, it also raises the risk that an irresponsible or controversial post could damage your reputation. Thus before beginning your search, make sure to:

Post Privately

Set your Facebook and other accounts to reserve the vast majority of posts for friends. Potential employers should only be able to see content you want them to see.

Assess Your Activities

Eliminate any photos of yourself that involve excessive alcohol use, drug use, nudity, or other problematic activities.

Prevent Prejudice

Delete any posts that could reasonably be perceived as racist, sexist, ableist, heterosexist, or otherwise prejudiced. Even if you mean them as a joke, employers do not want to be associated with such views.

Although there are risks to looking for jobs on social media, you can keep them to a minimum with the proper precautions. By managing your platforms properly, you can present yourself as skillful, knowledgeable, and responsible which will make any employer eager to hire you.