Are you looking for a new position this holiday season? You can turn the festivities of the holidays into tools to find you that great new job! Here’s a few to try:

Use holiday events as networking time with family, friends and acquaintances. You never know who will produce your next job lead. Attend as many events as you can reasonably fit into your calendar. And let everyone know what type of position you’re looking for. Uncle Joe just might play golf with the hiring manager!

Send holiday cards with your business card enclosed to hiring managers with whom you’ve recently interviewed. Send one to well-connected friends and family, with whom you’ve recently spoken about your job search, as well. Hopefully, they’ll take the hint and pass them along!

Holiday greetings by mail, e-mail and telephone keep you connected. People searching for jobs should harness the spirit of the season to ramp up gratitude. Thank former clients, vendors and co-workers. Thank bosses and mentors. Thank everyone who has helped.

Check the classifieds in your target job searching markets from late November through December. Those employers are still conducting their searches, unless they happened upon a candidate.

Continue to check daily at the online job boards; more employers post jobs online than use the classifieds these days. And, don’t forget to continue to check company websites if you have selected employers for whom you’d like to work. Job posting online never stops, and some companies advertise perpetually for certain positions.

Check professional association websites for advertised positions. Participate in the forum if the site hosts questions or conversation. Even during the holidays, some companies are hiring, if only to start the New Year with a fully staffed department.

Network online at professional sites such as LinkedIn or others that are specific to your profession. Even more personal sites such as Face book and Twitter offer networking and job posting opportunities for those who are job searchers and establish a presence. Potentially, activity may escalate during the holidays and propel your job search.

Take seasonal work during the holidays to tide your finances over into the New Year. Temporary agencies also see an increase in employer requests as companies struggle to complete annual goals and enable employees to use their vacation time.