For new college graduates and experienced employees alike, the threat of job fatigue can transition into an unwanted reality in an instant. A job search is a process that, ultimately, is not entirely under your control.

When the process goes on longer than job searchers would like or anticipate, it takes a heavy toll. The best way to avoid the emotional angst or depression of job fatigue, is to fight it from the outset with the following advice.

Take a Breather

When job search stress and fatigue become too much to bear, step away from the process and take a breather. Human beings are not designed to be perpetually plugged in like electronic devices. After a hard day of work, we relax, unwind and have a good night’s sleep if we are fortunate.

Treat your job search similarly. When you’ve done your best searching for work and it hasn’t led to the right results, don’t give yourself a hard time for taking a brief step back. The time away will help you recharge and revitalize your mind, which can help you rethink the job search in unique and beneficial ways.

Reorganize and Rethink

Once you take the time away to attack the search with renewed optimism, consider ways to improve the search. In a job search, you are ultimately weaving a compelling narrative that showcases the breadth of your experience and life skills to an employer.

Reorganizing and rethinking your job search helps you shake up the framework of your narrative in meaningful ways. For example, if your narrative highlighted your experience, but failed to convey your passion for the job/industry, consider shifting your interview approach.

Constantly assessing the effectiveness of your interview answers and strategies helps you avoid falling into the trap of canned and rehearsed interviews. When you passionately convey your life story and experiences, the interview transforms from a stodgy Q & A to a free-flowing conversation that takes on a life of its own.

Bolster Your Confidence to Attack the Job Search with Renewed Purpose

When you find it difficult to attack the job search from a new angle, surround yourself with the people in your life who matter. When life gets stressful, it is easy to retreat and isolate yourself from the people who care. Ignore this instinct, bravely face the world and connect with the people who care about you.

Not only will this strengthen your resolve, the words of comfort and wisdom you receive will give you the confidence you need to continue trusting your job search process.

Trust the Process

While the advice listed here will help you overcome job fatigue by shaking up the status quo and focusing on the positive, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, either. Understand that small tweaks to your job search process are helpful, but wholesale changes are not.

Trust the process that you have put in place while tweaking and improving it in small and subtle ways. If you abandon the process outright, you run the risk of even more job fatigue and frustration because you will be working with an entirely untested and unproven job search formula.

Stick with the process and improve it when necessary to keep things fresh and overcome job search fatigue. At the end of the process, you will find the job you were looking for all along.