Hello and welcome to the January edition of the Acclivity Health Report! For us and most of our readers, 2021 has been very busy so far with pressure building every day to work more efficiently and always “do more with less.” This trend is true within healthcare just like most other American industries and there is no reason to believe it will shift back – this is the new norm. Although the forces of the world are too great for any of us to change singlehandedly, we think it’s important to remind ourselves that our perception is always our reality. Specifically, each of us are empowered to create and manage our own environment by choosing how we perceive and respond to those around us. Creating a positive work environment with your company culture and fighting job search fatigue are two subjects we highlighted in the Ask the Experts section of this issue to help our readers stay positive and stress free. We hope you find these articles helpful. Enjoy!

Ted French

President & Founder

Acclivity Healthcare