For most people, juggling the demands of a family, children, chores, and a career is an ongoing struggle. As companies continue to cut back, the demands and expectations on the employee continue to grow. So, short of becoming Superman, how do you do it? We’ve asked the experts and found some great tips on how you can balance your career and your life:

1. Prioritize – Make a list of everything you have to do at work as well as in your personal life. Then realize you can’t do everything. What’s truly important to you? What do you have to do? What can others do for you?

2. Track Your Time – How do you really spend your time? It’s very helpful to understand just where the time goes! For one week, track how you spend your time. Then compare that to your priorities. How much of your time is spent on things that don’t align with your priorities?

3. Focus – While multi-tasking is great, it’s not always your best choice. Focus on one thing at a time. Devote your full attention to the task, then move on to the next.

4. Down Time – Don’t forget to schedule some down time for yourself. You deserve it! Whether it’s yoga, going for a walk or just reading a book, put it in your calendar. It’s too easy to forget about taking care of your mental health!

5. Be Flexible – Things change, emergencies happen. Don’t let yourself panic when your schedule gets blown up. Just refocus and move on.

6. Take Care of Yourself – Look at your personal habits and lifestyle. Do you get enough sleep? Do you eat right? Bad habits can cause you to feel a lack of balance in your life and can counteract your efforts to achieve work-life balance.

7. Take a Vacation – You don’t have to go on a big, expensive trip and spend tons of money. You just need to relax and recharge your batteries. Turn off your cell phone and stop checking your emails.

8. Ask for Help – Make sure you let your boss, colleagues, family and friends know that you’re working hard to achieve a better work-life balance. Tell them your plans and ask for their input.

9. Just Say No – Those two simple letters, put together, can change your life! You don’t have to do everything. If it isn’t a priority or just doesn’t fit into your schedule, you can politely but firmly say no.

10. Check the Plan – You’ll need to evaluate your work/life balance plan from time to time and make necessary adjustments. Remember, achieving balance is a never-ending journey and your needs will change from time to time.