What is a leader? A leader is someone who willingly takes charge and strives to achieve company goals while maximizing the efforts of others. They maintain a productive climate and positively motivate and coach employees to meet high performance standards. So what specific traits should you look for when hiring an employee for a leadership position? We have compiled a list below of the six most desired traits employers look for in an effective leader.

Vision: The ability to picture future success is one of the traits that set leaders apart from everyone else. A leader has a positive outlook and ambition to be a part of the company’s success. They are innovative and have the ability to create and make change happen.

Determination: Leaders have a can-do attitude. They latch on to their vision and realize that failure is simply a bump in the road and a step closer to success.

Integrity: Leaders reach out to do the best for those they lead and the team as a whole rather than focus on self-interest and personal gain. They continuously look for ways to lead, take responsibility, and improve upon themselves.

Accountability: A leader takes accountability for their actions, accepts constructive feedback, steps back to analyze the situation, and follows through on concerns and commitments. When faced with a difficult situation, a leader sees it as an opportunity to improve upon the weakness and increase the effectiveness of their team.

Dependability: Those around must know they can count on the leader to do what they say they are going to do. This shows reliability and commitment on the leader’s part. Making commitments and sticking to them builds trust and confidence from others within the organization.

Communication: A good leader understands the importance of communication. They use active listening skills, show genuine interest in others and their success, and provide clear, concise direction. Open communication allows for other members of the organization to gain confidence in them as a leader and proactive member of the team.