The constant hum of the air conditioner reminds me that summer has officially arrived! Especially here in Arizona, where our daytime high temperatures have been topping 100 degrees for most of the past week. This annual shift to hotter weather reminds us that our year is almost half over, but there is still time to implement changes and achieve our professional goals for this year. Private job growth in May accelerated at its fastest pace since 2020! In this week’s Ask the Experts section, we explore two ideas that will help our readers make the most of the months ahead; perspective, and traits of a good leader.

Most of us know an optimistic perspective can help in the workplace, but what does it mean exactly and how can you get it if you don’t already have it?

Quality leadership is also a vital part of success in the workplace. To some, these traits come as second nature. To others, however, this subject is daunting and requires a specific plan and discipline to accomplish.

We thought it would be a good time to explore these two subjects and provide our readers with some simple steps to revive their passion for work and expand their professional outlook, to help make the most of the rest of the year.



Ted French

President & Founder

Acclivity Healthcare