All of us here at Acclivity Healthcare hope you had a safe and happy Independence Day weekend! Hopefully, you had a chance to vacation or at least relax and decompress at some point this summer so far – the healthcare jobs market sure hasn’t! With the holiday weekend now behind us, we are now officially a little more than halfway through our calendar year. WOW, 2021 is going fast!

As high achievers professionally, most of you are goal setters and so now is a great time of the year to take stock, review your progress, and confirm that you are on track to complete your personal and professional goals for the year. If you are on track, then congratulations and keep up the pace! If you are not on track, that is OK! Just consider whether your goals are still realistic and achievable within the next 6 months and, if not, modify your 2021 targets accordingly. It is never too late to focus and make progress towards your goals.

In this July edition of The Acclivity Health Report, our experts discuss what questions to ask during a job interview. Our second article will help Hiring Managers on how to avoid missing out on quality candidates. We hope you enjoy this edition.

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Ted French

President & Founder

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