Seems like only yesterday my family was focused on the annual back to school ritual with our kids. We attended school orientations, purchased supplies, reviewed schedules, and prepared our kids for the best start possible. While our kids are busy putting their best foot forward in school, we have a chance to do the same in our careers.

If you’ve been working on learning and expanding your knowledge within your chosen field, perhaps it’s time to give your resume a facelift and test the waters. The best time to look for a new job is when you don’t really need it! You’ll have peace of mind during the whole process and avoid the temptation to settle for a poor match.

In this edition of The Acclivity Health Report we’re talking to employees about how to give your resume a facelift. In the second article we talk to hiring managers about how to capitalize on your home-grown talent by hiring from within your company.

Keep growing,

Ted French

President and Founder

Acclivity Healthcare