On Sunday November 7th most of the Nation turned their clocks back one hour due to the end of daylight-saving time. Thankfully, we do not recognize daylight saving time here in Arizona, so we can avoid the annual “Spring forward, Fall back” ritual that the rest of the country contends with.

Regardless of where you live and your feelings about daylight saving time, however, we all realize that we are only two short months away from the end of the year. This fact puts us all in the final countdown to achieve our annual goals and wrap up this year with success. With the labor market showing renewed momentum last month, there is plenty of opportunity out there for those looking for it.

We hope that the healthcare news, tips, and career advice offered here in The Acclivity Health Report will help all our readers to make the most of the next two months and finish up 2021 strong! Thanks for reading!

Ted French

President and Founder

Acclivity Healthcare