As the holiday season approaches, I thought it would be a good time to pause and consider the many great attributes of our industry. Right now, we are thankful for the most recent jobs report, which showed that jobs added were 208,000, better than expected for September. Although we sometimes forget or take them for granted, there are many reasons for those of us working in healthcare, and even healthcare job seekers, to be thankful this holiday season. Why? Job Growth, Job Growth, and MORE Job Growth!

If you’re a healthcare professional, the odds that you’re unemployed are much lower than if you work in another industry. Healthcare is hiring, and has continued to add jobs, even throughout the economic recovery of the past few years. Working in healthcare offers many rewards beyond simple job security. It’s not just a job, it’s a career or even a calling. As a healthcare professional, you’re making a significant impact in the lives of others each day you go to work. In what other profession can you touch lives in such a way?


Ted French

President and Founder

Acclivity Healthcare