When it comes to filling top-level executive positions or hard-to-find professionals, companies turn to headhunters for assistance. While HR and internal recruiters have their hands tied and can only rely on job portals to find candidates, headhunters have the freedom and expertise to directly poach candidates from competitors, which is something internal recruiters cannot do.

Headhunters have a professional reputation to uphold, and as such, they take their work seriously. They have the ability to separate fact from fiction, and their vetting process is thorough, ensuring that businesses avoid headaches from bad hires. Additionally, they have an intimate knowledge of the market, including which companies are doing well and which ones are not.

Hiring managers’ networks are limited, and they may not have the bandwidth to network with external professionals. They often neglect their networking obligations, which means they have no one to introduce for hard-to-fill roles. HR and internal recruitment teams are too busy managing a whole slew of jobs and roles, and their focus is on quantity, not quality. This means that roles that are hard to fill will languish on the open market with no suitable candidates coming through.

Unlike HR and internal recruitment teams, headhunters specialize in recruitment and have the time and skills to do it effectively. They go deep into each market, ensuring that they find the best candidate for the job. They are not limited by internal initiatives, benefits, payroll, or people operations, which means they can focus solely on finding the right candidate.

Finally, headhunters make too much money to work internally for a company and save them fees. They enjoy their freedom, working with multiple clients and making a good living. Working internally would limit their opportunities and earning potential.

Headhunters are an excellent resource for companies looking to fill hard-to-find positions with top-level executives or experienced professionals. They have the expertise, experience, and freedom to find the right candidate for the job, ensuring that businesses avoid bad hires and costly mistakes.