Filling out an online application is often cited by job seekers as the worst part of the job hunt – something that many employers fail to acknowledge. When the process is too difficult or takes too long it can easily deter quality candidates from completing your application. To attract and keep the attention of the highest performing employees, consider minimizing the hoops an applicant needs to jump through by completing and analyzing your company’s application process. Here are a few components to consider when doing so:

Look at your website – Many companies have either poorly designed websites or even worse, no website at all. This makes it difficult for potential applicants to learn about and apply to your available job opportunities. Make sure your website has a section devoted to job seekers and that it’s easy to navigate. Keep your jobs and hiring information detailed and current.

Keep it mobile friendly- Industry experts say that 53% of job seekers are searching and finding their next position from their mobile device. Unfortunately, many company websites are not mobile friendly, making them difficult to navigate on a smartphone. Make sure your site is easily accessible from any device and that searching and applying for jobs – especially if the user already has a profile – only takes a few clicks.

Customize your application- It can be disheartening to sit down and fill out a generic job application when half the requested information seems irrelevant to the position. Instead, try to ask questions that are truly pertinent to the position and the company. Allow applicants to upload multiple documents, provide links to personal websites or blogs related to their profession and ask them to explain their skills and passions in detail. Getting them excited and allowing them to share will give you more insight into your applicants and help you make the best hiring decision for your company.

Keep in touch – Let potential applicants know when new positions open up that they may be interested in. Provide an option for them to opt-in to receiving these emails. You never know who may be interested in your position at that very moment.

If doing a complete overhaul on your website and application process seems a bit intimidating, or you need time to revamp your process, you can always seek out the help of a staffing agency. A good recruiting company already has this process down to a science and can get you the employees you need quickly and efficiently. This is what they do and what their reputation is built on, so seeking out help from a professional organization is a great way to get good results quickly.