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Hiring Managers FAQ’s

There are a lot of staffing agencies. What makes Acclivity Healthcare unique?

We specialize in healthcare industry recruiting and staffing. We know the intricacies of the industry much better than other generic staffing agencies.

How do I know that you will be able to find a candidate for me?

We maintain long-term relationships with top performing candidates in the industry. We have placed over 17,000 candidates.

How do you go about finding us the right candidate?

We have been specialists in the industry for so long, we know exactly how to identify which candidate best fit your needs.

Do we need to sign a contract before you find us candidates?

No contract is required until you are satisfied with the quality of the candidates we can provide.

How long does it generally take to find someone?

Every recruiting and staffing project is unique, but we are usually able to find the right candidate for our client within 5 business days.

Why can’t I just do this on my own?

You can do this on your own. However, finding a candidate is time-consuming. Since we already have well-established relationships, we have a head start in the process.

Job Seeker FAQ’s

Is Acclivity Healthcare just a temporary agency?

No! Acclivity Healthcare is a full-service placement agency offering healthcare professionals a variety of employment placement options including executive search, direct hire, contract to hire, and long-term contract.

How much will Acclivity Healthcare charge me for their services?

Absolutely nothing! All fees are incurred by our client companies, not the healthcare professionals we serve.

If I am a contract associate, and I don't like the assignment do I have to stay?

Absolutely not. Just let us know and allow us an opportunity to fill the opening with another individual. Once we find a replacement, we will work hard to place you in another position better suited for you.

Who issues my paycheck and when?

If you are a contract or contract to hire associate, you will receive a weekly paycheck from Acclivity Healthcare. Until you become a regular employee at one of our client locations, your paycheck will be issued from Acclivity Healthcare.

How will I receive my paycheck?

You may receive your paycheck via direct deposit or mailed to your home. Phoenix metro area employees may pick up their check at our main Scottsdale office on Friday during normal business hours.

If I am an employee of Acclivity Healthcare, can I work overtime?

In most cases, any hours worked over 40 during a seven-day period are considered overtime and will be compensated at the overtime rate (usually 1.5 times that of your regular pay rate). However, some states treat any hours worked over eight in one day as overtime so please ask your Acclivity Healthcare representative if you are unsure about the laws in your state. Please note that all overtime hours must be approved in advance by your workplace supervisor.

What kinds of benefits can I expect to receive?

Most of our assigned employees become eligible to accrue holiday pay after 90 days (520 hours) of continuous employment. Please note that some employees may not be eligible for this benefit, so please ask your Acclivity Healthcare representative for details. We also offer bonus plans available for attendance, referrals, and performance.

Should I use a recruiter?

Developing strong ties with an experienced career consultant can pay off for your career over the long haul. Many of the most desirable companies rely exclusively on us for assistance in finding exceptional talent, especially in the tight healthcare job market.

At what career point should I contact a recruiter?

Ted French, Founder and President of Acclivity Healthcare with over 20 years of experience in the recruiting and staffing industry, offers this advice on how to initiate and nurture lasting relationships with recruitment professionals:

“It’s beneficial to build relationships with a recruiter throughout your entire career. A good place to start is online using Acclivity Healthcare’s website. You can create and make updates to your online profile and resume as your career progresses — for example, if you get new responsibilities in your current position, receive a promotion, join a professional organization, change companies, or even relocate.

“You can also contact us by telephone or make an appointment to come into our office to speak with a career consultant in person. However you contact us, it’s important for us to fully understand all the components of your experience, background, attributes, goals, personality, and passion to determine the best long-term match to your career goals. We want to know the qualities that your ‘dream job’ consists of so that we can assist you in reaching your career goals.

“Building a professional relationship with an Acclivity Healthcare Career Consultant can become one of the most important professional relationships you can initiate for yourself and your career.”

How often should I contact my Acclivity Healthcare Career Consultant?

Get in touch with us whenever something significant has occurred in your career — whether you’re ready to make a change or if you recently received a promotion, you are encouraged to keep in touch.

How should I describe my expectations without seeming unrealistic?

As you convey what you’re looking for in your next position, it’s very important to share all your expectations. The last thing we want is to not be on the same page. Feel free to share your expectations, your goals and add to that why you think they’re warranted based on your skills and the value you’ll bring to the position.

If I'm not happy with a job offer — what then?

This could be one of the most important reasons to have a relationship with an Acclivity Healthcare Career Consultant — you can be comfortable with being candid and straightforward about the work environment, outlined job responsibilities, and the pay and benefits packages. Acclivity is here to help you be successful and content in your next position.
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5-stars “I have four agencies working on finding us staff right now. Of the four, Acclivity is the most responsive, the most professional to deal with and not to mention supplying the highest quality candidates.”

5-stars “Your company is very professional and I highly suggest anyone at your company for employment. Thanks so much!​”

LaDawn M.
Carlsbad, CA
5-stars I am so impressed with Acclivity they worked hard and fast to place me at my current employer. I’m so happy and grateful it was a perfect fit!! The staff takes the time to inform you and help you with whatever you may need. I would definitely recommend anyone looking ... Read More

Diana V.
Phoenix, AZ

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