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Why Acclivity Healthcare
Hospital and Physician Office Recruiting and Staffing

Recruiting talented people for the healthcare world can seem complex and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. At Acclivity Healthcare, we pride ourselves on being unintimidating and approachable, making both clients and candidates feel comfortable — and making the complex easy to understand. Our philosophy? Create lasting relationships with them by providing a personal touch.

The secret is to always remember we’re working with real people. And communication is the key. We stay in contact with clients regularly during the recruiting process, even visiting their offices so we can fully understand the practice and their specific requirements. And because we’re locally grown — and not some big conglomerate — we understand the staffing needs of hospitals and healthcare providers of all sizes.

Acclivity brings the peace of mind that comes from two decades of expertise exclusively in the healthcare community. Armed with robust knowledge of the healthcare recruiting industry, our specialists are always looking out for client needs — which has earned us a solid reputation as effective, dependable and trustworthy.

We’ve gained this reputation by adhering to our proven process that begins with the highest standards in candidate selection. Through interview preparation, resume building, and candidate screening, we produce proven, solid candidates that result in a high hire-in rate. It’s why respected organizations continue to work with Acclivity for their staffing needs and refer our services to others who are looking to acquire top talent.

At Acclivity, our team of recruiting specialists takes great pride in playing a significant role in achieving goals for our clients and our candidates. We are driven by a genuine desire to understand our clients’ business needs, policies and staffing expectations — to get in the trenches with them, dig deeper and provide customized solutions designed specifically for their success.

The bottom line? We are with our clients every step of the way, dedicated to finding long-term talent for them. The right people for the right jobs. By treating clients and candidates like partners, not commodities — by understanding their pains and doing whatever it takes to relieve them — we have and will continue to build a legacy of strong relationships within the healthcare community.


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We have many happy clients

​I have four agencies working on finding us staff right now. Of the four, Acclivity is the most responsive, the most professional to deal with and not to mention supplying the highest quality candidates.

Bonnie D.

​Thank you for sending such great candidates in such a timely manner. I really do appreciate it.



I've used Acclivity Healthcare (Prime Staff) several times to fill difficult positions. It wasn't that finding interested candidates was hard, it was finding very good, highly capable candidates that was hard. The Acclivity Team made it seem easy, quickly putting multiple qualified and high-energy candidates in front of us for consideration. I think the real test, however, was when I decided to make a change in my own career. I turned to Acclivity Healthcare for assistance and was very quickly meeting with high-powered decision makers at the company for which I now work. I can recommend Acclivity to anyone, be they candidate or employer, for fast, effective results.​​

​​Cliff L.​
Scottsdale, AZ

​The employee is doing very well, in fact, she has exceeded our expectations. A coworker remarked that she is "Awesome." I can't tell you how happy I am with the way that you worked with me to help us get the right person.



​Just wanted to drop all of you a short note to let you know what a wonderful job your candidate is doing. He has been such an asset to our team. He always has a smile and a matching disposition. I have had positive feedback from staff and more importantly from patients. Thank you so much for such a helpful employee!


​Your company is very professional and I highly suggest anyone at your company for employment. Thanks so much!​


​Thank you for finding us such a great person to work with! She has done an excellent job. Thanks again for finding us such a good employee.

​Roxanne B.​
​Houston, TX​

Interviewing the candidate you sent over was like interviewing myself! She's like a clone! We have so many things in common. I love her, and consider her the top candidate for the position. Two thumbs up (way up) on this one! Great Job!​

​Jennifer L.​
​San Diego, CA​

Thanks for the 4th of July goodies. That's very sweet (literally) for you to go out of your way, but then again it's reflective of the company you work for in that they go out of the way. I treasure all my goodies and my contacts. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to a growing relationship with Acclivity Healthcare​

​Larry S.​
​Phoenix, AZ

The staff you have sent over has been more than qualified and I have been impressed with all resumes that you have sent. I will always refer people to Acclivity Healthcare because I have always been impressed with the level of staff you bring on board. Out of all the placement agencies I have ever used, no one brings the caliber of employees that you do. Thanks for everything and anytime anyone needs a placement agency, I will always recommend your services. Thank you very much!​​

​Terri K.​

Mesa, AZ

​Our newest hire from Acclivity Healthcare is here. She's great! I'm really, really pleased.​​

​Patti G.​
​Phoenix, AZ

​I would personally recommend Acclivity Healthcare (Primestaff) to anyone without hesitation, based on my prior experience.​​​

​Mark L.​
​Phoenix, AZ

​I know you are the best! Thanks again — I can always depend on Acclivity. Thank you!​​​

​Julaine C.​
​Phoenix, AZ

Thank you so much for your help today with my advice for two young people looking for entry positions (Rad Tech new grad and a physician wanting to enter Case Management). And as I said we had a very good candidate yesterday for my Admin Assistant from Acclivity, and I'm impressed with the prep work you did for us! I asked our manager to notify you that we'd like her to help us ASAP!!! Again, thanks for some 'real-world' advice!​

​Dr. Charlie D.​
​Phoenix, AZ

I want to thank you and the staff of Acclivity Healthcare for finding us such a wonderful Medical Assistant. We were looking for the PERFECT FIT and I feel that we have finally found it, thanks to you. We would like to hire her as our permanent employee. Once again thanks for all of your assistance in finding the Perfect Fit.​​​

​​Mayra K.​

New York, NY

Acclivity Healthcare is a fabulous recruitment firm in town and I highly recommend them. They have stellar qualified candidates and fantastic customer service. I have personally worked with them for the past 10 years!​

​​Lauren T.​

Scottsdale, AZ​​​

​I have had a professional relationship with Acclivity Healthcare since late 2002, shortly after I moved to Arizona. Acclivity has filled many vacancies for me. In 2003, I was opening a new central business office and they were my primary resource for filling 10 newly created positions. I also have since been placed in position myself by Acclivity so I have worked with them on both sides of the equation. I have worked with a number of other vendors in Phoenix as well, and it quickly became apparent to me that the quality of the applicants referred to me from Acclivity were the most consistent. I found that the likelihood that an individual would fit the criteria I was looking for was higher. When the time came that I was placed by Acclivity myself, I understood why. They was not just interested in placing me, but interested in making sure that it was a good fit for everyone involved. I would personally recommend Acclivity Healthcare to anyone without hesitation, based on my prior experience.

​​Mark S.​
Scottsdale, AZ​​​