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Acclivity healthcare is the premier source for the best skilled administrative talent! Acclivity healthcare offers a comprehensive suite of administrative staffing solutions! From Front Office Staff and Administrative Assistants to Medical Collectors, Coders, and other Revenue Cycle staff — We’ve Got You Covered!

Our Administrative Staffing Service includes:

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5-stars “​Just wanted to drop all of you a short note to let you know what a wonderful job your candidate is doing. He has been such an asset to our team. He always has a smile and a matching disposition. I have had positive feedback from staff and more importantly ... Read More

Tonya W.
Tucson, AZ
5-stars “​Thank you for sending such great candidates in such a timely manner. I really do appreciate it.”

Nidia J.
Tucson, AZ
5-stars “Thank you so much for your help today with my advice for two young people looking for entry positions (Rad Tech new grad and a physician wanting to enter Case Management). And as I said we had a very good candidate yesterday for my Admin Assistant from Acclivity, and I’m ... Read More

Dr. Charlie D.
Phoenix, AZ

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Staying Positive in the Workplace

Staying Positive in the Workplace

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Fighting Job Search Fatigue

Fighting Job Search Fatigue

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Hiring for Your Company Culture

Hiring for Your Company Culture

When trying to find new employees to fill a particular position, one of the core factors that you'll want to keep in the back of your mind at all times is how a person fits in with your company culture. Far too many hiring managers and recruiters fail to pay attention...

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